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The American West watch online

The picture clearly represents the development of the American West from 1865 to 1890. Its blend of drama, special effects and documentary excerpts. This mixture allows you to recreate and relive the cruelty of these terrible times. Each component of the series covered in thick blood, spray flying well-aimed shots from a variety of scoundrels. Welcome to the territory of a small town that combines all the major vices of the Wild West of the United States of America. Feelings in conjunction with revolver shots and the neighing of horses, will be a prelude extending over the entire length of the plot.

The West coast of America, in thirty years became a refuge for criminals of all categories and hardened speculators. A brutal war with the indigenous population and the inaction of the authorities increased the flow of insolent immigrants and criminal groups. A new country was born on blood of innocent people, the state machine indiscriminately ironed neighboring lands. The American nation asserted its superiority over people whose ancestors have long been settled in this area, but the heroes of the film hot iron expanded and subsequently became influential people. Immigrants from overseas have become the absolute owners of the continent, condemning to a miserable existence of entire Nations.