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Supernatural – season 9 episode 18 watch online

«Meta Fiction»

Sam and Dean are still trying to find Abaddon. Meanwhile in Utah killed the angels who refused to join Metatron. Castiel explains that Gadreel is working for Metatron, reports to the Winchesters. CAS turns to Gabriel, determined to kill Metatron, and asks Castiel to help him. Arriving in the city, where, presumably, was sent Gadreel, Sam and Dean realize he's already there. After some time, CAS realizes that everything that happened to him is an illusion. Metatron tries to convince Castiel to join forces, but he refuses. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean caught Gadreel. Dean sends Sam to find out what happened with Castiel, and he meanwhile tries to find out from Gadreel that Metatron has in mind. In the Motel room where CAS, Sam meets Metatron, who offers to exchange CAS for Gadreel.
Episode release date: 04.15.2014

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