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Supernatural watch online

The two brothers went on a long and exciting journey. The goal of their wanderings to find the murderer of his mother. She was murdered when they were children, in very strange circumstances. Guys as I can not understand how this could happen. They want to find his father who disappeared many years ago, and may know who the killer is. Finding father guys know that the mother killed supernatural creature, and their dad is actually a hunter of all evil.

Now the three of them looking for the killer. On your way you meet a huge number of vampires, spirits, demons, ghosts.

The boys decide to clean your city from the supernatural. After they find out that there are a lot of hunters. In every city there are certainly those who are fighting with the creatures and casts out demons.

They know that there's a special weapon that can destroy the creature who killed their mother. But one of the brothers falls into a coma. His life hangs in the balance. The father gives the soul, and this weapon is for the healing of his son.