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Rome watch online

The Gallic war lasted 8 long years, and in 52 BC Julius Caesar was preparing a triumphant return to Rome. Rome was accustomed to live without Caesar, and Roman patricians feared that the return of Caesar with troops violate their well-being. The senators are convinced Pompey the Great, friend of Caesar, that Caesar is a threat to Rome, and in the Republic, beginning a civil war. Caesar, despite the great number of the army of the conspirators, defeats Pompey and supporters of the conspiracy. Pompey hiding in Egypt, where the people of the Pharaoh, hoping to propitiate Caesar, executed and presented with Pompey arrived in Egypt, Caesar his head. Caesar is outraged by the fact that the Pharaoh of Egypt dared to say in the Affairs of Rome, and deals with him and his people, putting Cleopatra on the throne. At the same time he hoped that Cleopatra would bear him a son Caesarion, the future ruler of Rome and Egypt.