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iZombie watch online

A student of medical University, goes to a party which completely changes her life. The girl was on the boat swarming with zombies. After a bite she dies. However, in the morning, when he awoke on the shore, realizes that something is wrong. Beautiful brown hair, tanned skin became white and her very hungry. The girl realizes that her usual food is not interested. She needs to eat brains to live. The student faces a choice : compromise our principles, become a bloodthirsty murderer, to live, or die.

But she finds another way to feed without killing anyone. She goes to work as a pathologist. Here zombies can eat without causing harm to anyone. And her secret will remain a mystery for the rest. However, this kind of food, there is a side effect. Eating the brain of a person sees his memories.

She soon learns that is not the only one. The whole city is infested with zombies who kill people and eat their brains. The girl decides to help the police officer in the investigation , but carefully kept secret.