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Homeland – season 3 episode 9 watch online

«One Last Thing»

Saul and Dar Adal watch breaking Brody. Sol's got six days to get back on his feet, before he would resign from his post. When the doctor said that the recovery Brody will take more time, Dar Adal suggests the use of Ibogaine, a drug that accelerates the excretion of the drug, but has a side effect in the form of hallucinations. During hallucinations, Brody breaks a chair and tries to use shatter to introduce yourself to a dose before its time to stop. When Brody wakes up, Saul tells him that he can redeem himself, but Brody says that he would rather just die. Saul goes to Carrie and tells her his plan: Brody will have to ask for asylum in Iran, where he will have to kill the leader of the revolutionary party, so his place was taken by Javadi. Carrie in an attempt to motivate Brody takes him to the Motel where Dana is working. Virgil and Mike inspect the house of Saul for the presence of wiretapping, find her, keep track of Alain Bernard and photographed him meeting with Lockhart. Saul uses this information to increase the time on the post. Lockhart agrees. Carrie tells Brody he needs to accomplish the mission, to prove to Dana that he's innocent in the explosion. For 16 days Brody is gaining shape and trains with the Marines. Brody asks Carrie to take him to Dana to talk. Dana tells Brody that he should not longer appear. Brody comes back to the base and sent to Iran.
Episode release date: 11.24.2013

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