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Homeland – season 3 episode 8 watch online

«A Red Wheelbarrow»

Saul talks about his surgery at a briefing in the White house by chief of staff intelligence Mike Higgins. Dar Adal asks Saul to travel, but Saul says that will go, the main thing to out Carrie. The world tells his friend Alain that he wants to end a relationship with him, to save the marriage. Allen sneaks into the house of Berenson and puts a listening device. Carrie is the first visit of a doctor and learns that she is the thirteenth week of pregnancy. The doctor tells her that the need to reduce the amount of work and do not expose yourself to stress, to which Carrie responds that its work is directly related to the child's father. Carrie tries to find the person who bombed Langley. Dar Adal "warns" Bennett that is going to open an investigation and offering to cooperate, but Bennett is. Franklin connects with Carrie and asks to know about the investigation, she returned to him with false information about the shooter and his connection with them. Through the wiretap, the CIA learns about the shooter and the pick - a Motel. Carrie watches from afar and sees Franklin with a gun.
Episode release date: 11.17.2013

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