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Homeland – season 3 episode 2 watch online

«Uh... Oh... Ah...»

Carrie is stunned that Sol released information about her bipolar disorder. In revenge, she tells the reporter that Brody is innocent. Dar Adal pushes Carrie in a psychiatric hospital. Quinn visits Carrie and tries to warn her of her danger, but her paranoid. After the child's death during surgery in Caracas and is seen in the hospital, Quinn says Saul that he was going to retire from management after the operation. Dana runs away to her boyfriend Leo and spends the night with him, in the morning they are caught together. Sol attracts financial analyst Faro Sherazi to monitor Bank transfers, leading to the terrorists. At the meeting with the Bank leadership, she States that the Bank is indirectly responsible for a terrorist act. The owner of the Bank refuses to cooperate, on the same evening Quinn forces him to comply with the requirements of management. Saul visits Carrie in the hospital.
Episode release date: 10.06.2013

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