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Homeland – season 3 episode 11 watch online

«Big Man in Tehran»

Sol poseshat Alain Bernard in prison, where forcing him to turn to his superiors in Mossad and convincing them to deliver two operatives to Tehran. Carrie under the guise of tourists in Tehran visits the uncle Lights, which allow you to use his house as a safe house. Operatives of the "Mossad" meet Carrie and give her cyanide for Brody to kill Danesh Akbari. Brody is interrogated by Javadi. Javadi reports Akbari, Brody is useful for Iranian propaganda, and invites him to meet with Brody. Javadi meets with Carrie, she gives him the cyanide, and Javadi says Brody will soon meet with Akbari. The next day, Brody is being taken to meet Akbari, but he didn't, and just smiles, nods and leaves. Brody is withdrawn to a nearby house, where lives the widow of Abu Nazir. It takes six days, Brody on Iranian TV exposes US. Saul, Dar Adar and Lockhart meet to discuss the situation. Lockhart believes that Brody is a traitor. Requires the President to take action, and Lockhart decides to take Brody. Saul tells Carrie that she needs to return to the United States. Carrie calls Brody and says he's in danger. She asks him to flee Tehran with her. Carrie says the two operatives of Mossad and warns Brody. He goes into the house to the widow of Abu Nazir and asks to arrange a meeting with Akbari because he has information on Javadi. Brody lead to Akbari, and he tells the whole truth about the operation. Akbari thanks him for his loyalty and says he will take care of Javadi. However, after Brody hits him over the head with an ashtray and smothering, and then calls Carrie and asks to take him.
Episode release date: 12.08.2013

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