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Homeland – season 3 episode 1 watch online

«Tin Man Is Down»

It has been two months after the explosion at Langley. At the hearings of the special Committee on intelligence (PDF). Carrie says he does not believe in the guilt declared in the international search Brody, bounty of 10 million dollars. She asks Saul to find a spy who, in her opinion, is guilty in the attack. Brody's daughter Dana is discharged from the rehabilitation center where she stayed after a suicide attempt. Became acting CIA Director Saul Berenson directs the operation to eliminate members of the international network created for the attack on Langley, which is headed by Iranian Majid Javadi, the commander of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps. Dar Adal is becoming one of the main assistants Saul. After Quinn is in Caracas kills a banker network, within minutes, eliminated five more goals in various countries. In Newspapers you receive material about the love affair between an unnamed employee of the CIA with Brody, Carrie accuses Saul and Dar Adal in the "leak" of this information. Jessica is going for the first time in 15 years to go to work, as her family began to experience financial problems. Saul at the meeting of the Senate Committee States that the CIA officer who was involved in affair with Brody, suffers from bipolar disorder, which was hidden from the leadership.
Episode release date: 09.29.2013

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