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DuckTales watch online

TV Show «DuckTales» is a cartoon, consisting of one hundred twenty-minute episodes of the adventures of Mr. Scrooge McDuck and his inquisitive nephew Huey, Dewey and Billy. In the TV series for young viewers has everything like the curious spectators: exciting adventures, fantastic stories that often relate to the capital of the richest duck McDuck and protection of capital from villains of different caliber. Help Scrooge McDuck: the pilot Zigzag Makrac, babysitter boys Mrs. Claudia, her little granddaughter Webby, and Duckworth the Butler. Spectators, young and adults alike, this wonderful animated series will appreciate the intricate plot lines, and fictional at the same time, true stories, full of fantastic characters and a duck-human feelings. The animated series "Duck tales" can teach friendship, mutual assistance, compassion, and the ability to save money, which is very important for modern children. And though the series was filmed in the last century, 80 years, it will surely appeal to young viewers of our time.