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Beverly Hills, 90210 watch online

The TV series "Beverly hills 90210" was on TV 10 years: from 1990 to 2000 and during that time it managed to grow a whole generation. The series belongs to the genre of teen drama, it is very much focus on the characters and relationships of teenagers.

All were shot 10 seasons of the series and they all had good ratings, watch the lives of Teens by Teens is very interesting. The plot of the series takes place in the family of Walsh, where older brother and sister - twins. The family moved from the city, mn to city of Los Angeles. Here, Teens need to complete their education in the school of West Beverly and start adult life. Brenda and Brandon, meet classmates and make friends with the children of celebrities in Los Angeles.

In the series addresses topical themes of adolescence: rape, early pregnancy, lack of attention from parents, domestic violence, AIDS, alcoholism, a penchant for teenage suicide, the rights of sexual minorities, drug addiction and so on.

The TV series "Beverly hills 90210" relevant to modern teenagers, after all, the problems of this age remain the same and exist in every family. With this series, leisure is not only enjoyable, but also quite useful. It's worth watching for both children and parents.