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American Crime watch online

Residents of a small California town were shocked by the tragedy occurred in the family of a veteran of the Iraq war. Unknown people broke into the house of the hero of the film "American Crime" and murdered in cold blood of the host. Over the soldier's wife, the scoundrels cynically abused. From proven horror the poor woman fell into a coma. No evidence criminals have left, and the victim could not give any testimony. To investigate the murder took experienced investigator and soon goes on the trail of the rapists. The suspects were four. Three of them belonged to national minorities, and the fourth partner was the girl. This led the detective to believe that the murder occurred on the grounds of racial intolerance, but where could a dead man to cross the road this motley company and what is the probability that they knew each other? The suspects friends were not honest and did not hesitate to drugs, and the victim was known as a law-abiding citizen. The investigation has stalled and Palmer decides at first to learn all about Matt skokie. Is ex-military was an entirely different person, but skillfully concealed his true colors from the public.